Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Feaure--Fabulosity Tips!!

About a year ago, I decided to purchase Kimora's book "Fabulosity."  Now I have to admit, I really wasn't a big fan of Kimora, not that I didn't like her, I just didn't know much about her.  It wasn't until I started watching her reality show "Life in the Fab Lane" that I became intrigued by her.  I loved the fact that she was so "extra", but confident, down to earth, and in essence a "true sista"!  I loved her book.  She discusses everything from beauty and fashion, and work and family life, to self-confidence and wellness, and lifestyle and sustainability.  I thought this book captured the epitome of what an Urbanista is all about.  So with that said, I decided that I would include a few tips from Kimora's book from time to time.

Since this month I have been engulfed with all things beauty and fashion, I'll start with *Kimora's five-point fashion manifesto:

1.  Style is a form of self-promotion
2.  Developing a style is like your brandmark; it'll get you noticed and remembered.
3.  Fashion bestows autority and power on the wearer:  dress to impress, and you will be taken seriously.
4.  Great style says, "Here I am!  Pay attention to me!" I value myself enough to put effort into this, and you should too.
5.  Style is invididual.  Style is subjective.  Nobody can grade you on it.

*Excerpt taken from the book Fabulosity: What It Is and How To Get It, by Kimora Lee Simmons.

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