Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fresh Fall Scent-Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries

This fall I am big on signature fragrances.  I feel that a great fragrance will pull your entire look together.  Some of my faves so far are Lola by Marc Jacobs, Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent, and Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson.  I can have a tshirt and pair of jeans on and still feel elegant and sensual once I put on one of these fragrances.  So Urbanistas go and get your "signature scent" and while your at it, try out the new Bare Skin fragrance by Leslie Blodgett!

Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries is a limited edition fragrance collection, created exclusively for Sephora, that revisit and evoke pivotal moments in Leslie’s life.

Bare Skin, the first scent in the series, harkens back to a time when Leslie was bursting with the unbridled joy of life, sunbathing on a Mexican beach and cart-wheeling fancy-free on the warm sands. “Bare Skin…” she explains, “is the way you feel when the sun is beating down on you during the day, but then you go out at night and you’re still sizzling from the warmth of the day which mingles with night air and music.”

The scent delivers top notes of black pepper, freesia and anise, heart notes of iris, vanilla orchid, plumeria and patchouli, and the dry down sizzles with sandalwood, labdanum and musk.

Bare Skin will go to market with an Eau de Parfum ($55), a Solid Perfume Compact ($35), and a Perfumed Body Cream ($30). The line will be available for purchase exclusively on Sephora.com on 10/08, and hitting store shelves shortly after on 10/15.

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