Monday, February 16, 2009

Urbanistas @ Mardi Gras Groove

On crisp Friday night the Urbanistas attended Mardi Gras Groove sponsored by Pamela Raymond with the Raymond Experience. And what an experience it was! Now just to give you a little history, Pamela is a native of New Orleans which inspired her to throw this party. She wanted to give St. Louisans the
opportunity to experience New Orleans culture. When we first walked in, we were given Lagniappe packs (goodie bags) filled with a praline from the French Quarter, a USB compliments of Blu City Spaces, a ticket for a free glass of Samuel Adams, and select bags had tickets to a Blues game. We won tickets for a free Mizzou game!

After entering, we went straight for the gumbo, which was to die for...unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to taste the King Cake, but heard it was yummy! In addition, Samuel Adams sponsored a beer tasting, and there was a tarot card reader. However, I was a little too chicken to check out the tarot card reader! This was yet another great networking opportunity as there were quite a few media representatives. We had a chance to meet Gilberto Pinela from STL-TV, Jeff Small with KSDK, Angela Tablac from St. Louis Post Dispatch, Kristen Cornett of KMOV and author of one of our favorite blogs "Kristen in the City," and Erica Byfield of KMOV, who I also found out was one of my Sorors.

Also in the house were Scott Lapp, founder of River City Professionals, Shane Cohn who I would like to mention is running for the 25th Ward Alderman, Tim Ezell from Fox 2, Debra Bass from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and Jason Nichols from Alive Magazine.
As always, the Urbanistas had a fab time, met great people, and supported our city!

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